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Ryerson Theses and Dissertations

The Ryerson University Library and Archives (RULA) is a repository for major research papers, theses and dissertations produced by graduate students at Ryerson University.

RULA and the Yeates School of Graduate Studies are migrating to online submission of major research papers, theses and dissertations.  During this transition phase, there may be graduate work that is only available online, or only available in print.  To ensure as comprehensive a search as possible, please check both the Library catalogue and RULA Digital Repository.

1. Catalogue - to find graduate work related to a specific program of study, perform a keyword search in the catalogue using “ryerson university dissertations” AND a couple of key words from the program name, such as “civil engineering” or “communication culture” or “immigration studies”.  For example, to look for graduate work in Nursing, type in: “ryerson university dissertations” and nursing

2. Digital Repository - online copies of most of Ryerson's theses and dissertations are available in RULA Digital Repository.

Theses and Dissertations from other Universities

1.  Google Scholar:  many universities are digitizing graduate scholarship and making them available free of charge in local and networked digital collections that are indexed by this tool

2. Theses Canada Portal: provides electronic access to the full text of many Canadian theses and dissertations

3. Proquest Dissertations and Theses Global: provides access to the full-text of over 400,000 Masters and PhD theses from 1997 onwards. In addition, citations are provided for over 1.6 million doctoral dissertations and master's theses from North American and European (including the UK and Ireland) graduate schools from the seventeenth century onwards

4. Open Access Theses and Dissertations (OATD): provides access to open access research from over 800 colleges, universities and research institutions around the world

5. DART-Europe E-theses Portal provides access to research theses from 555 universities in 28 European countries

6. NDLTD-Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations is an international nonprofit organization promoting the dissemination of electronic theses and dissertations.  It includes finding aids for digital and some print resources

7. Canadian Theses = Thèses canadiennes [1947-1980 print; 1985/86-1995/96 on microfiches]: indexes masters and doctoral works from Canadian universities.  Most of the masters works and some of the doctoral works are not listed in PQDT nor Theses Canada Portal.  Other print bibliographies of Canadian theses may be of value including Canadian Graduate Theses: 1919-1967: An Annotated Bibliogrpahy (Covering Economics, Business and Industrial Relations) and Jesse J. Dossick's Doctoral Research on Canada and Canadians, 1884-1983

Ryerson Undergraduate Theses

A number of departments require students to deposit a copy of their final-year thesis in the Library. Theses are accessible using the Library's catalogue and are shelved with the general book collection under the call number LE3.R99.

Undergraduate theses for Civil Engineering are kept by the department.

A complete list of codes used and the department/school (some of which no longer exist) follows:

Dept. of Applied Chemical & Biological Sciences
School of Aerospace Engineering
Dept. of Chemistry, Biological & Chemical Engineering
School of Chemical Engineering
School of Early Childhood Education
Electrical Engineering Dept./Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
School of Environmental Health
School of Applied Geography
School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
School of Interior Design
School of Industrial Engineering
LE3.R99 LS Dept. of Laboratory Science
School of Mechanical Engineering
LE3.R99 OP School of Occupational and Public Health
Continuing Education Division. Public Relations Project.
Dept. of Survey Engineering
School of Urban & Regional Planning

 Borrowing/Purchasing Theses

Theses that are not available in the Ryerson collection or online may be available for borrowing or purchase.

Canadian Theses 1965-1998

Canadian theses from 1965 - 1998 may be borrowed on microform from the National Library of Canada. To request a loan, please complete a RACER interlibrary loan request form.

Other Theses

Theses not available for download or loan may be purchased from Proquest Dissertations and Theses at a cost of $41.00 US each. 

 How you cite theses depends upon their format and the bibliographic style you are using (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). The Citations and Style Guide pages will provide guidance.

Proquest Dissertations and Theses

Proquest has a tool within it's Dissertations and Theses resource which will help you format a citation for a dissertation that you wish to reference in your research paper. To format a citation, please do the following:

  1. Mark the dissertation you wish to cite by clicking in the box beside the title
  2. Click on "cite" beside the number of marked items
  3. Choose the appropriate citation style
  4. Click on download
  5. Copy and paste citation into your document

Preparing Theses

Those students who, as part of their degree programs, must submit Projects or Theses to an Examining Committee for assessment will be subject to the following guidelines.

The Thesis regulations outline details on the deposit of thesis/projects, binding, disposition of copies, circulation, copying and copyright and the number of copies to be provided to the Library. 

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