Atlas of Canada Vector Map Level 0 (VMAP0)
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Geography : Canada  
Description : The VMAP0 data product is a global digital dataset produced and maintained by the United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA at a nominal scale of 1:1,000,000. The Atlas of Canada, in wanting to choose an international global digital map base, has adapted the VMAP0 for use as a base from which other, smaller map scales can be created and to which thematic layers can be added. The VMAP0 data was first released as the DCW (Digital Chart of the World) dataset. The DCW has been widely used and has proved to be very useful because it was the first global multitheme dataset at such a scale in the public domain. Despite its success, the DCW dataset is widely known to have had some deficiencies. The revision 4 data for North America was much better in quality, but still must be improved before it would be suitable for use by the Atlas of Canada.
Accessing the Data : Access is available via the World Wide Web
Use Restriction: For use by Ryerson University faculty, students and staff for academic teaching and non-commercial research. Read appropriate licensing agreement for further information.
Permissions : Users are required to sign an NRCan Data Release Agreement. Proper citation of the data are required.
Type of Data : vector
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Format: E00
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Technical Detail : Scale 1:1,000,000
Data Creator: Natural Resources Canada
Publisher: Natural Resources Canada
Copyright Owner: Natural Resources Canada
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Subject: Boundaries - Political   Population   Transportation   Utilities   Hydrography   Vegetation   Hypsography   Elevation