Global GIS Database: Digital Atlas of Europe
Publication Date : 2003
Edition : 2003
Geography : Europe  
Description : The Digital Data Series encompasses a broad range of digital data, including computer programs, interpreted results of investigations, comprehensive reviewed data bases, spatial data sets, digital images and animation, and multimedia presentations that are not intended for printed release. Scientific reports in this series cover a wide variety of subjects on all facets of U.S. Geological Survey investigations and research that are of lasting scientific interest and value. Releases in the Digital Data Series offer access to scientific information that is available in digital form; the information is primarily for viewing, processing, and (or) analyzing by computer.
Accessing the Data : Complete form to request data
Use Restriction: None
Permissions : Users must sign generic license agreement.
Type of Data : vector and raster
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Format: Shapefile
File Size : 650 MB
Technical Detail : Scale 1:1,000,000
Data Creator: United States Geological Survey
Publisher: United States Geological Survey
Copyright Owner: United States Geological Survey
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Subject: Base Maps   Boundaries - Political   Highways   Placenames   Census   Transportation   Cultural   Land Use   Hydrography   Topography   Vegetation   Hypsography   Climate