National Hydro Network (NHN)
Publication Date : 2007
Edition : 1.0
Geography : Canada  
Description : The National Hydro Network (NHN), for which the standard was officially adopted by the Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG) in August 2004, focuses on providing a quality geometric description and a set of basic attributes describing Canada's inland surface waters. It provides geospatial digital data describing hydrographic features such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, canals, islands, obstacles (e.g. waterfalls, rapids, rocks in water) and constructions (e.g. dams, wharves, dikes), as well as a linear drainage network and the toponymic information (geographical names) associated to hydrography.
Accessing the Data : Access is available via the World Wide Web
Use Restriction: None
Permissions : None
Type of Data : vector
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Format: Shapefile
File Size : 10 MB
Technical Detail : Spatial data is expressed according to Canada Lambert Conformal Conic projection or Universal Transverse Mercator projection, both in reference to the North American Datum 1983
Data Creator: Natural Resources Canada
Publisher: Natural Resources Canada
Copyright Owner: Natural Resources Canada
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Subject: Hydrography   Waterways   Hypsography   Water   Water Boundary   Water Body   Water Courses